Changing Nature of Australian Multiculturalism and its Implications for Ethnic Minorities and Education: Critical Reflections

October 11, 2006

12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. | Neville Scarfe Building, Room 308A

Dr. Siri Gamage, University of New England, Australia

Organized by The David Lam Chair for Multicultural Education and The Centre for Culture, Identity and Education (CCIE).

This paper focused on how Australian multiculturalism and associated political discourses and policies have undergone substantial changes in emphasis and direction in the last decade compared to the previous decades under the liberal-nation federal government. In particular, the paper outlined the nature of these changes and their implications for ethnic minorities and multicultural education as well as for co-existence in a harmonious society. The paper also addressed the shift in emphasis on multiculturalism as compared to Australianness (citizenship).