Dalene Swanson

Postdoctoral Scholar & UBC Sessional Instructor, Department of Curriculum Studies

Dalene M. Swanson is a SSHRC postdoctoral scholar at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Education. She completed her Ph.D. in Curriculum Studies and Mathematics Education at UBC and was awarded four prominent international and Canadian awards for her research. Dalene’s research interests span curriculum studies; critical theory and pedagogy; cultural studies; indigeneity; mathematics education; teacher education; arts-based approaches to teaching, learning and inquiry; and social, ecological and global justice. In her teaching and research, Dalene affords her work a strong critical, anti-oppressive and democratic focus. She embraces alternative methodologies towards decolonizing practices in research, teaching and learning. Research emphases have included a focus on the critical relationship between social difference discourses, identity and constructed disadvantage. In this sense, her research attends critically to the subjective intersections of race, class, gender, poverty, ethnicity, ableism, language and cultural differences, and other social difference discourses, towards contesting oppression, co-creating transformative and empowering discourses and practices, and advocating for participatory citizenship ‘glocally.’