Dolana Mogadime

Associate Professor
Faculty of Education
Brock University

Dolana Mogadime is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education and past PhD Program Director, 2017 – 2019 for the Joint PhD in Educational Studies Program (Brock Home University). Her research interests are in human rights and curriculum studies, critical sociology of education, equity studies and feminist theories. She has published in international and national academic journals and anthologies on topics such as; women in leadership; gender-based violence; human rights education; teachers life stories and commitments to equity in the curriculum; and human rights education. She has published in a variety of journals, including the Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering, the Journal of Black Studies, Canadian Woman Studies Journal. She also is the author of several book chapters and has a piece in Under the gaze: Recentering black feminist discourse in Canadian feminist landscape, and anthology edited by N.Wane and N Massaquoi.