Eeva Jokinen

Department of Social Policy
University of Joensuu, Finland

Eeva Jokinen is Professor of Social Policy at the University of Joensuu. Her research interests vary from mothering to travel, from mundane everyday experiences to new forms of labour, but the main goal is to explore the practices and logics of gender, affects and power structures. To put it differently: how is the present new global capitalism made livable by different groups and individuals. She has published and edited several books on motherhood, embodiment and everyday practices. Her publications in the area include ‘The Makings of Motherhood in Diary Narratives.’ Qualitative Inquiry 2004(10)3. She has written several international articles on tourism theories together with Professor Soile Veijola. Eeva Jokinen’s current research project financed by the Academy of Finland concerns the blurring borders of work and home in a post-fordist society.