Elizabeth Seaton

Independent Scholar, Adjunct Professor
Faculty of Graduate Studies
York University

Prior to returning to British Columbia in 2006, Beth Seaton was tenured faculty at York University, where she was instrumental in developing both the undergraduate programme in Communication Studies and the Joint Graduate Programme in Communication and Culture. She has held Visiting Scholar positions at Green College, UBC and the Centre for Research in Gender and Women’s Studies, UBC, and serves on the editorial boards of a number of journals. Dr. Seaton’s research and extensive publications address the cultural mediations of power, representation, and social identity. Her current work involves the expansive project “A Physiology of Culture”, which focuses upon the dialectical relationships of humans to their natural, social and cultural environments. Recent publications from this project especially concern the interactions of human and non-human worlds during conditions of ecological catastrophe. Dr. Seaton teaches courses on “Difference and Representation”; “Gender, Education and Popular Culture”; and “Body and Society” for the Women’s Studies Programme at UBC.