Frances V. Rains

Associate Professor
Evergreen State College

Frances V. Rains is an Associate Professor at ESC and a founding member of the advisory Leadership Council for the Indigenous Ways of Knowing Graduate Program at Lewis & Clark College. Her research interests include Indigenous Decolonization, Indigenous Women, Native History, Native representation in Curriculum, Women of Color in academe, Critical Race Theory, Racism/White Privilege and American Indian Education. Her recent scholarship includes: “The Color of Social Studies: A Post-Social Studies Reality Check” (2006) in E.W. Ross (Ed.) The Social Studies Curriculum, 3rd edition (pp.137-156) SUNY Press; “Making Intellectual Space: Self-Determination & Indigenous Research” (2006) in D.S. Pollard & O.M. Welch (Eds.), From Center to Margins: The importance of Self-Definition in Research (pp.21-48) SUNY Press.