Identity Conversion, Citizenship, and Social Studies: Asian-Australian Perspectives on Indigenous Reconciliation and Human Rights

March 22, 2006

1:00 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. | Neville Scarfe Building, Room 308A

Professor Michael Singh, University of Western Sydney, Australia

Organized by Dr. Handel Kashope Wright and sponsored by The Department of Educational Studies, The David Lam Chair for Multicultural Education, The Centre for Culture, Identity and Education (CCIE) and The Office of the Associate Dean of Indigenous Education.

This presentation explored Asian-Australian perspectives on Indigenous Reconciliation in Australia, providing both an overview of the colonialist legacy of White Australia that continues to sustain a problematic relationship between Indigenous- and Asian-Australians, and a discussion on how Indigenous Australians have sought to publicly reclaim their humanity and sense of dignity.  Specifically, the presentation did this through an analytical interpretation of interviews with informed and active Australian citizens who identify themselves as signifying the complex and differentiated admixture of Asian-Australians.