International Conference: Multicultural Education

April 20-23, 2009

Delta Vancouver Airport Hotel, 3500 Cessna Drive, Richmond, BC


This conference grapples with the central question of whether multicultural education is still relevant and viable in western countries in the face of recent (especially post 9/11; 7/7) attacks on it as well as the development of alternatives to it (e.g., intercultural and anti-racism education). It provides a comprehensive, indeed international exploration of the issue through paper from five different countries (Australia, Britain, Canada, the United States, and Ireland), which addresses the topic in terms of the specifics of discrete (intra)national contexts (e.g., Canadian multiculturalism and Québécois interculturalism) in some cases and broader, regional (e.g., European Union) contexts in others. It addresses identity and the politics of difference, educational and social policy and the evolution of multiculturalism and alternative discourses as approaches to these issues.