International Women’s Day: Mothering Work and the Performance of Daily Life Care-giving

March 8, 2008

1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. | Reception Room, Green College

The Unruly Salon series shows the power of persons with disabilities to represent their own experiences as a valued part of humanity, humans, being together across borders of many kinds. The Unruly Salon consists of performances by scholars and/or artists with disabilities as knowledgeable, capable, and self-empowered actors, speaking back, staring back, performing out loud, joyfully and in community with all other peoples. This series combines artists and scholars from a range of performance arts, media and interdisciplinary endeavors to create a dialog at UBC not just ‘about us’ but with us. There are seven scheduled Salons this semester. Each Salon will culminate in an informal reception offering presenters, artists and audience an opportunity to discuss ideas raised in presentations. The intent is to facilitate interactive and innovative dialogs and methodologies, leading to further international collaborations for disability arts, culture and scholarly programme development at the graduate and undergraduate levels at UBC.

Organized by Leslie Roman and Geoff McMurchy and sponsored by Green College. CCIE is a contributing sponsor for this event.