Multiculturality, Multiculturalism and the Phenomenon of Cross-Cultural and Interfaith Marriage in Canada and the United States

June 2, 2007

9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. | MY Place Scotia Creek Lounge, Whistler BC

Organized by The Whistler Interface Society

In this keynote address paper, Dr. Handel Wright explores the phenomenon of cross-cultural and interface marriage in Canada and the United States. In particular, Dr. Wright challenges the assumption that cross-cultural and interfaith marriage is a new phenomenon. Instead, Dr. Wright argues that there is a long history of mixed relationships and biracial offspring in Canadian and BC history. But Dr. Wright does agree that today there are several differences in the current phenomenon: people of different backgrounds meet more easily now due to increased diversity in neighborhoods and workplaces, mixed raced couples are more accepted both by their families and by society, and “mixed raced” is more frequently and easily claimed as an identity.