Sophie Duncan

MSc Candidate, Department of Geography

I am a physical geography MSc candidate. Although my graduate work focuses specifically on scientific questions, I am extremely dedicated to critical science studies and developing anti-racist scientific pedagogy and changing STEM learning and working culture. I am particularly interested in how histories of colonialism and science shape current inequities within STEM education. I am hoping to find, connect, and build communities at UBC about how STEM education can be actively anti-oppressive. During my undergraduate at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island I contributed to both student activism and working groups dedicated to changing cultures of whiteness in STEM departments, which culminated in the filming of a video featuring student testimonies about their experiences in STEM. At UBC I am currently at the beginning of exploring what it would mean to develop communities of practices around anti-racist/critical STEM education and research. This has manifested in my participation in the Indigenous Foundations workshops through the Center for Teaching and Learning, continuing conversations about these themes with the Center for Teaching and Learning, and an informal discussion group for graduate and undergraduate students to dedicated to collective learning about how STEM intersects with systems of power. I would be very excited to learn about opportunities to learn from, and possibly collaborate with or contribute to the work of CCIE.