Youth and Media: Literacies Old and New

May 31, 2007

12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. | Neville Scarfe Building, Room 310

Dr. Michael Hoechsmann, McGill University

Organized by The David Lam Chair for Multicultural Education and The Centre for Culture, Identity and Education (CCIE).

This paper focused on how changes in access to technology have facilitated new conditions for young people to shoot, cut and mix multimodal texts, and the emergence of the Internet as ’home theater’ for a global audience has enabled youth to communicate across borders and across the street. Using a cultural studies approach to youth and media, Dr. Hoechsmann argues that differing conceptions of audience – incorporated into the act of media creation – produce different outcomes, that there are strong residual communicational and cultural elements in contemporary “participatory” media production, and that as young people are drawn into new forms of media practice, they draw substantially on a pre-existing repertoire of cultural meanings. Dr. Hoechsmann contexutalized these claims in relation to his research on Web 2.0 applications, community youth media organizations, school-based media education and youth participation in the traditional new media.


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