Yvonne Hébert

Professor, University of Calgary

Yvonne Hébert is a Professor of Education, University of Calgary, with research interests in youth, identity, democracy, minority studies, policy and educational reform. Her current research projects focus on youth’s mobility and identity construction with case studies in three universities of youth from francophone community schools; youth’s negotiation of difference and democracy, a comparative study in three Canadian cities; conceptions of children and youth; and the impact of educational reform on teaching practices, school culture and achievement. She is co-editor of Negotiating Trans-cultural Lives: Belongings and Social Capital among Youth in Comparative Perspectives (with Dirk Hoerder & Irina Schmitt); editor of Citizenship in Transformation in Canada; co-editor of Values, Human Rights and Citizenship Education in Transnational Perspectives, a thematic issue of the journal, Canadian and International Education; author of a volume of the National Core French Study, Le syllabus de formation langagière générale; and co-editor of Indian Education in Canada Vol. 1 & 2. She serves on the board of three journals, Inter-American Journal of Education for Democracy, International Journal of Citizenship Teaching and Learning, and Encounters on Education. She continues to provide committed leadership in selected national and international research and professional organizations.